oh god oh fuck

florida lesbian found kicking cowboy. when found by police, they joined in as well.


bisexualbigfoot asked:


i see u bitch...

foofighters if youre reading this dm me i have feelings for you

every time you make a straight hol horse cry you gain good karma for your next life. its true cause jesus told me.

when dio wont stop playing that horse song

hey i'm violet!

i go by they/it, and plan on making a ton of fun... hol horse edits.

i'm also a lesbian and i lurk around on my others blogs, hotnun and nb-dio creating the sweet lgbt content the jjba conglomerate deserves.

also hol horse dabs unironically, its built into his dna

Hello everyone I am here just to have a good time and post some art, feel free to talk to me!! :^)

Why not start this blog off with Jojo art for good fortune